Giving Back Shows Gratitude and Helps Support the Association's Work.

There are a number of reasons why giving back to your institution matters. But before we list those below, we want to say that giving back shows gratitude to a place, which molded you into who you are today. We also believe, giving back goes beyond cash contributions, in particular giving your time to school. Here are a few ways we see your contribution’s value and why we think you should give.

We believe that

  • Alumni play a large role in determining the future and continued development of an institution.
  • Your regular contributions make a big difference to the operating budget of the association and this helps sustain regular new programs and initiatives.
  • Volunteering your time also benefits your college and school. We believe that the current students are eager to hear from their alumni and have a high recall on advise from them.
  • Your professional expertise can make strategic contributions to initiatives being run by school.
  • Giving back, cash or time, keeps you connected