Who We Are: The Alumni Committee was elected in free and fair elections held in school on Nov 6th, 2015. It comprises of 11 alumni who have committed their time and skills to set up a robust and well functioning alumni association committed to serving alumni, current students and the school administration with our ideas, efforts, and funds.

Our Modus Operandi

TAG - Transparent, Accountable, Governance

Our Goals, Events and Program Focus is Based on Three Pillars

Connect: Connect Alumni Across India and the Globe With the Goal of Lending Personal and Professional Support To Each Other and Current Student Body. Service: Instill A Passion For Giving Back To School And Society. Excellence: Work With School Administration To Maintain High Standards of Academics and Extra - Curricular Activities With Student Centric Approach.

Why We Need Your Support

We want to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves with your support and involvement. We know that each one of you has great potential to support the school with ideas, skills, and funds. But we also know that working alone, neither the committee nor individuals, will be able to do go where we want. We need to come together to unleash the power of a group committed to one cause. We see Bridge as a movement – rather than an organization - and we are asking you to join. Not tomorrow, Not Later, But Now. We will work as trustees of your inputs and resources and will assure that they are used and deployed in the most effective way possible. No contribution is small – funds or energy. Give of yourself, give of your ideas and most importantly, just connect